Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Children bungee trampolines

The trampoline is an athlete’s competitive sport that uses acrobatics skills to rebound from the trampoline.
The trampoline is an athlete’s competitive sport that uses acrobatics skills to rebound from the trampoline. It is a kind of gymnastics.
Children bungee trampolines are a trampoline designed for children.
The children bungee trampoline designed by the Guangdong Family of Childhood Company is specially designed for children.
It is in line with children’s play and the safety of children.
Children bungee trampolines designed by Guangdong Family of Childhood Company are sold at home and abroad, and they are also widely recognized.
Sports psychology research believes that the Children bungee trampolines movement is very in line with the psychological characteristics of children’s entertainment and sports.
Insist on exercise will make the child’s leg muscle group and cerebellar balance nervous system and brain nervous system more developed, and can achieve the purpose of growing taller.
When buying the Children bungee trampolines parents should pay attention to factors such as quality, size, convenience and flexibility in collection and the use when purchasing a Children bungee trampolines.
When children play indoor trampolines, keep indoor air fresh and do not blow cool air (using electric fans or air conditioners).
The Children bungee trampolines should be placed away from the window (if living in the upper floors of the building) and furniture, and keep the distance of the wall more than half a meter.
Do not let the children jump too high when jumping.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Customize Your Indoor Jungle Gym

You don't have to settle for a simple playground structure in your garden. With the support of jungle gym programs, you will get the ideal mix of equipment for the ideal structure for your loved ones. Click here to shop for park equipment.

Before getting too far down the path to building your playground equipment, it's vital that you first understand what you would like. You should think about the kinds of gear your children most enjoy when you choose them to play at the park or in friends' homes. Different gear also helps with unique kinds of childhood development, particularly if you're taking a look at constructions for your younger kids.

Consider Your Space

You want to have enough space for your playground, so before you begin with the jungle gym programs, first you have to measure your garden area. You want to make certain you have a security perimeter around the gear as broad as six feet or longer. In case you've got a small lawn, then it could be beneficial to keep in mind what else you want to do in the area, such as having barbeques, space for your pets to play with, a backyard, or other things which might be interrupted with the playground equipment.

Prefabricated Sets

Many parents decided to only buy prefabricated sets when they hunt for playsets. If you decide to try it, you still might have some opportunities to customize. You need to review the jungle gym plans to find out what's contained in the structure. You might be able to perform other adjustments, like painting it, to make it look less right out-of-the-box.

Some playground equipment can be customized with the addition of a simple to add on components. This might be installing a swing set or slip into a playhouse or jungle gym. By reviewing the jungle gym programs, you can see what areas might be easily changed to assist you to produce the playground of you or your kid's, dreams.

DIY Structures

If you're extremely daring, then you can make your own jungle gym programs and create a structure from scratch. It's possible to purchase different pieces and combine them with your own structure to make a comprehensive play area. If you're unsure what to include, you can look for a plan on the world wide web to get some inspiration.

Whether you purchase a playground set fully assembled or choose to create your own from scratch, then it's possible to make some tiny modifications to customize it. The main factors to create is your needs and space to make certain you've got something which perfectly fits your yard whilst additionally provides your family with hours of outdoor fun. As soon as you know that, then you can decide which sort of structure that you wish to build, or the way you would like to adjust one which you already have.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Birthday Party Games for Kids

Indoor party games can be just as enjoyable and exciting as their outside counterparts, with the additional advantage of keeping kids clean, warm and dry.

Balloon Catch
Have the kid with the maximum number step into the middle of this circle to function as the individual who is"it" Hand her balloon and have her call out a few because she drops the balloon and measures from the ring. The kid whose amount is called must catch the balloon before it touches the floor. When he misses, he is currently"it." If he catches the balloon until it hits the floor the person who had been"it" reenters the circle and calls out the next number.

Mimic Me

This really is a game which will allow your visitors to get some of their energy out while indoors. Have the kids stand in a circle and then pick 1 child to start the game by doing a body movement like jump up and down. The child on her right has to mimic the first motion and then add a few of his own, such as wiggle his eyebrows. This continues around the circle, with the children first mimicking and then adding a new movement to the chain. If a player can not remember the series of movements or does a movement from the sequence, they're from this game. The last player remaining is the winner and can be rewarded with a little prize.

Name That Smell

Have the children line up and place a blindfold over each of the eyes. Give the first child in line a product with a strong odor, such as pickles, onion, laundry soap or canned pet food. Have the child have a sniff and then whisper their guess of what the merchandise is on your ear. Pass the thing down the line and record the right guesses by each child. Continue the game with all of the smelly products. After all the kids have left their guesses, have them remove their blindfolds and show what the products were. Then announce the name of the child with the most correct guesses and award them a decoration for their superior sense of smell.


This is a version of hide-and-seek that will make certain to get your party guests up close and personal together. First, announce the areas inside the house the kids can hide in and make certain that you inform them any locations which are off limits (your bedroom or outside). Then choose one child to be"it." This child runs and hides while the other children depend on 30. The kids divide when they're finished counting to search the house for the"it" participant. This continues with the children linking"it" in hiding, trying to cram in as close as possible and remaining as quiet and still as possible. The game finishes when the last kid remaining finds the hiding place of all the other kids.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Is That Safe To Take A Kid To An Indoor Playground?

In cities and massive cities throughout the nation, there has started to become an increase in the building of the indoor play place. These regions provide people who have a place to take their kids to run, jump, and perform, with no need to have an outside place.

The people who worry about such germs resist with their children to the indoor play place for pleasure. There's absolutely no reason to prevent these playgrounds together with your own children. They're likely more sterile, and germ free compared to playground in which you take them .

Germs in an indoor play place VS an outside playground
When you choose your kid to play one of these playgrounds which are housed indoors you'll be pleased to know they are preserved and cleaned completely.

In external parks, there could be a groundskeeper which comes and empties the garbage receptacles and maybe comes to wash out the bathroom facilities.

Kids can perform these interior areas provided that they follow the principles. The owners don't permit kids that aren't dressed appropriately to perform with. When a child wants to play the slides they'll be asked to have about pants that protect their bottoms along with their legs, at least on the knees. This prevents kids from coming into contact with any individual waste which may come out of a diaper or even a bare underside of some other kid.

Kids need to remove their shoes at the carpeted regions of the play place. Kids have to have on socks when they're in the region. They cannot play just there bare toes.

In the outside park, there's dirt on the floor that the kids can pick up and place in their own mouth. There are bugs and plants which the kid can come in contact with and may be allergic to. You need to be worried about what the kids are coming in touch with that character has set there, and what they might come into contact with this guys may have put there.

They don't have places that protect the tiny kids from the bigger kids, and they don't have ensured sanitary restrooms for your adults and children to use.

When you visit an indoor play place you won't be exposed to some more germs than once you visit an outside playground. An indoor play area will probably even be more sanitary than the outdoor playground is.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Family Entertainment Center Ideas

A family entertainment center is a place where not only children will play but also parents can find arcade games for them and enjoy their own time. It needs a big play area size for such family entertainment center, so it can meet the play needs of kids and adults. The size is usually 1,000-3,000 square meter area size.

Play games of the family entertainment center

Choosing children play equipment and arcade games for parents are very crucial for the whole play center.
You need to plan different age group for children. For children under 6 years old, you need to design play equipment for toddlers. Soft play, kiddie ride, foam block, play panel, sand pit, and drawing are good choices.
For children above 7 years old, multi-level structure games are the best and the most suitable. Trampoline park, interactive slide, ball pool, zip line, ball blaster, high tower are very challenging games for them. What they need is just for fun but also some play equipment will be more new and exciting.
For parents, after sending kids to play, they have nothing to do. As an inclusive family entertainment center, it is necessary to provide play games for parents. On one hand, parents will spend their relax time while accompanying their children; on the other hand, it is a good way to increase the income of play center. 9D VR simulator, gift machine, crane machine, dancing machine are their favorite.
In general, if you plan to open family entertainment center, the first step is to choose play games for children and parents. It is a very important step to attract more customers and increase the profit for you.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Play games for toddler play

It is the nature of toddlers to climb, crawl, jump and run, so all toddler play games need to meet all these needs. Unlike elder children, toddlers are not so strong and powerful, so all of the games are soft and safe. Besides, toddlers are curious about bright colours and fresh things, all toys should be various colours with special shapes. It is crucial to select suitable toddler plays that are safe and interesting. Toddler play is an indispensable part of the indoor jungle gym.
games to play with toddlers indoors

1. soft play for toddler area

Toddlers are developing their small muscles and getting stronger as they touch, squeeze, poke toys. With bright colours and attractive shapes, soft plays are one of the favourite games for toddlers. Soft climbing arch bridge, soft ball pool, soft crawl space, soft blocks are made of soft sponge foam and PVC tarpaulin, these materials are non-toxic and fire retardant, so that toddlers won’t get hurt.

2. Play panel for toddler play

Toddlers are at the best age for learning, so play panels meet their need. Play panels are designed for different shapes with educational functions. Children can learn to match shapes, can put together a complete animal, recognize time clock and so on.

3. Sand table and sand toys

The sand table filled with colourful sand is another good choice. Children will make a lot of animals by sand mould toys. They touch the soft sand and see many sea animals, which will make them feel playing at the seaside.

4. plastic slide and other plastic toys

Besides soft play games, some plastic games are also necessary for toddlers. Plastic slide with swing and basketball hoop, kiddie rides, children pedal cars, plastic crawl tunnel are popular games among toddlers.
Soft foam mat with lovely animals, flowers, trees is a spotlight. Plastic fence for separating from other play area is also a necessity.
Toddler plays are to meet the requirements of toddlers. Investors should introduce more often new play games so that it can arouse the interest of toddlers. The indoor jungle gym business will become better and better.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

The influence of virtual reality is far more than the game

2016 is the first year of virtual reality in the tech world, where giants such as Facebook, Sony, and HTC will unveil their own virtual reality helmets to bring disruptive changes to the game. In a recent report, the British Broadcasting Corporation technology has pointed out that, in addition to games, virtual reality technology will be able to be widely used in many other areas. 9D VR cinema is also very popular among young people.
“The gaming industry is betting on virtual reality technology, but there are still doubt about how big the player community can be in the content of virtual reality games.” The authors write, “Everest VR” and other games provide players with a very immersive experience, but changing the instantaneous stunning experience to a game playing for several months, absolutely not easy. Whether the core player will welcome this technology, we need more time to observe. In a sense, virtual reality has the potential to resemble the Kinect action sensor developed by Microsoft, which is bigger than the real thing for gamers. “But just as the Kinect technology has influences in many other areas, it is certain that virtual reality will also be a groundbreaking technology for changing people’s lives in all its aspects.”

 VR technology is more than 9D VR cinema

In London, two doctors create a Virtual exposure therapy company. with the help of Oculus Rift helmets, they treat patients fear certain scenes.  Helena suffers from an elevator phobia; and in one treatment, she goes into a smaller area of virtual space, while Dr. Ruspoli has been testing her anxiety levels.
After a period of time, the anxiety of the Helena showed a noticeable decline. “This is not the real world, but it can bring you the immersive experience.” The Doctor Conway (Conway) explained. “It will give you physical and psychological reactions. (virtual reality) is like a bridge that allows you to do things you can’t do in the real world. Virtual Exposure therapy hopefully to treat patients with various environmental phobias, such as fear-flying, fear-intensive crowds, and so on.
Multi-dimensional CI gallery lets a young patient nearby visit the gallery at the same time; many businesses and public institutions will use virtual reality technology to interact with consumers in the future.
For example, real estate companies will be able to provide virtual tour services to customers; while kitchen designers can give customers a better understanding of the structure of the kitchen. Mobile virtual reality games glasses such as Google Cardboard have brought the first virtual reality experience to most users.
The Multidimensional Gallery uses cardboard for a younger patient, to  “tour” the gallery, he lives in a nearby hospital. Many people are praising this attempt .”You really think people are there, you see those paintings, it’s really cool.” A user Lucy said. Another user said: ”  it’s fake, but for an ordinary person, it brings the most amazing experience in the world.”
virtual reality technology is influencing people’s lives, but Wonka Playground thinks that 9D VR cinema is still the most popular virtual reality games.